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Starting Out

Choose the color and music appropriate for your personal

goal, and get going…    

For a personal emotional change:

 -  Choose the appropriate color

 -  Choose a personal phrase or reinforcement

 -  Set a timetable and start time

 -  Preferred music – when attempting focus and

   empowerment, music is not recommended

 -  After defining the color and content in VeeStars, stare at the screen between 30 to 60 seconds

    every day, and let the desired stimulation reach your brain.

 -  It is highly recommended to stare and focus on VeeStars 30 to 60 seconds every day for 20 days.

After 20 days, you will only need a short glance at VeeStars to achieve the wanted emotions

and feelings.


(A study published in PNAS shows that practicing meditation regularly effected changes to the white matter of

the brain related to emotions).


Meeting personal goals: selecting targets and goals

Define a timetable and choose a start time

Turn on the app

Mark (truthfully) every goal as it is achieved

When the task is completed, or the goal achieved, start on your next one


Sharing reinforcements

 -  Add the people you want as partners for reinforcement

 -  Choose or add messages you want to send regularly

 -  Turn on the app

 -  Designate messages for partners by marking them, and they’re on their way…


Shared goals (can be shared only if you are a Veest partner with someone)

 -  Choose a target or goal

 -  Turn on the app and send the goal to your partner

 -  Once your partner receives the goal, it will be active till completion

 -  Every target achieved is marked by one of the partners

 -  When all the targets and goals are achieved, move to the next one.


Good Luck!

Disclaimer: VeeStars is not an alternative for psychological or psychiatric help.

This app is a personal tool for guidance, support, and goal management.

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