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How dose Veestars work ? 

How does it make us feel better?


The name of this app, Veestars, is made up of:

Vee – symbolizing the encouragement and reinforcement we get from ourselves and our friends and loved ones

V stands for View , ee stands for Feel

Star – what we use for wishing. Stars symbolize the creation and transmission of energy. 

The shape of a star resembles the unique structure of the neuron cell. Like a neuron transmits information received by our five senses,

VeeStars also transmits and transfers through our neurons content and messages we choose for our brain.


What does VeeStars do? How does it help?

VeeStars improves your self-acceptance, self confidence, and self empowerment.

Working with the app reinforces and changes emotions through a combination of tools: colors, content, and feedback.


Does VeeStars have anything I can hold?

The next version of this app will include a small star that can be attached to any device or phone supporting the app.

The star will come in different colors, to match the feelings we would like to have or strengthen.

The star is the same shape as a neuron cell, which transmits emotion-altering messages. 

This is a star that will go with us everywhere, anytime, at any point in our day.


The star strengthens our feelings through:


-  Sight: the star spreads light passing through it when Veest flashes in the app

-  Touch: sensory receptors densely populate our fingertips. Relocating the star the screen so

   that it covers Veest, makes VeeStars pleasant to the touch.

-  Hearing: playing music

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