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Applicative training –

silent breathing” for times of suffocating pressure

Every aspect of our life passes through one of our senses making an impact. Through our senses we process and transfer frequencies that alter how we feel. Emotions are the function of us feeling stimulations from the brain and are influenced by our senses. Through our senses we process and transmit frequencies that alter what we feel, what we saw, heard, touched, tasted or smelt. Our daily routine of busy chores, responsibilities and stresses to achieve clutter into our mental wellness.

You can train your brain like any other muscle in your body to control emotions

Sight is the dominant sense of our intelligence as it visually drives the sustenance of our emotions in our memories. By exploiting the sense of sight we actually have a mobile device that we can leverage on for applicative training without friends or a psychologist.

Colors – every color is energy converted by our eye’s retina to connect to our brain and alter our emotions both physically and mentally. By learning how a color influences us  we can effectively use that color to boost our energy like preparing for a business meeting where color can drive ambition. All you need to do is think about your day and choose a color to help you absorb the energy desired for that activity.

Computer Sketch

This glimpse will restore the tranquility, confidence and motivation.

Response – our  personal belief,  empowerment and willingness to strengthen our actions enhances our feelings of assigning that will in turn respond with positive stimuli and to our sensory emotions.

Reinforcement – By encouraging and continuing our desired state of mind for activities produces a reinforced frequency for stimulation of conditioned activities, an important factor in learning, Most people will learn according to their principles, desired actions and by reinforcing winning actions achieves motivation

Comments – sharing stories and getting feedback from friends and colleagues empowers emotions. By setting clear objectives with a mix of feedback from friends can be challenging to target objectives desired.

Applicative training helps to deal with challenges in our lives, It motivates and stimulates the senses into action to meet goals and target’s that we set for ourselves.


It is recommended to perform applicative training every days for at least 20-30 seconds a day.

After 20 days all that will be required is a brief glance to stimulate the desired emotions.

This glimpse will restore the tranquility, confidence and motivation.



Applicative training is not a substitute for professional psychological treatment

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