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What does VeeStars stand for?

The name of this app, Veestars, is made up of:

Vee – symbolizing the encouragement and reinforcement we get from ourselves and our friends and loved ones

stands for View , ee stands for Feel

Star – what we use for wishing. Stars symbolize the creation and transmission of energy. 

The shape of a star resembles the unique structure of the neuron cell. Like a neuron transmits information received by our five senses,

VeeStars also transmits and transfers through our neurons content and messages we choose for our brain.

How dose Veestars work ?  How does it make us feel better?

Emotions are the basis of living energy, the foundation of our being.

Emotions or feelings are the result of a stimulation received by a sensory receptor, which is then transmitted to a neuron cell, and carried to the brain as information requiring action.


This means that our emotions are affected by information gathered by our senses, and our senses help us process and transfer

frequencies which change our emotions and feelings, just like the famous saying goes, “See in order to Feel.”

Contact Veestars

19 Migdahl Ha'levanon St.

Modiin 7175811 

Call Us:

Office: +972-8-971-4502

Cell:    +972-54-664-7707

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