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Colors: light is the only energy visible to our eyes. Energy is perceived through color. The different wavelengths of light rays create color.

Color enters the cornea, and is transferred to the nervous system. Stimulation by color creates emotion.

Color also has a healing power – both physically and mentally. Studies of the human brain have shown that colors affect the brain through all levels of consciousness.

Colors create emotions such as tranquility, support, creativity, balance, and more. (Colors

Each color sends a specific frequency to the brain.

Staring at a specific color for 30 to 60 seconds creates the appropriate stimulation for creating the desired feeling. Every emotional experience begins with our senses. Our senses are our receptors. For instance, listening to a song we like moves us emotionally, and the smell of food we like makes us feel hungry.


VeeStars passes messages through sight (the most dominant sense in humans) to affect our feelings.

Live feedback from friends and colleagues – sharing and receiving feedback reinforces and promotes success, whether big or small.

These are suited to current emotional state, and the desired emotional state.

Friends and partners reinforce and motivate, they are the human touch that we miss so much in this day and age.


VeeStars enables and displays comments, in order to empower, impart emotional strength and happiness.


Reinforcement: VeeStars for meeting our goals


Marking completed tasks – lifts our spirits, boosts our self confidence, and encourages us to continue the task.

According to the operant conditioning theory, reinforcement is also an important part of learning.

Actions receiving reinforcement will be repeated in order to receive reinforcement again.

Receiving positive reinforcement causes a stimulation of the senses, which results in positive emotions.

Positive reinforcement is a pleasurable stimulation received after executing a desired action, with the view of increasing its frequency. Reinforcement should be suited to the learner, and can take various forms, including a compliment or word of encouragement.


Positive memories

Our memories can be recalled more easily when they are tied to powerful emotions.

VeeStars is there for strong people with high awareness who want to move forward, people who want to feel and experience life with a positive attitude.

VeeStars welcomes you.


Combining these tools according to personal need at a certain moment, gives the right response, motivates, reinforces, encourages, and supports, while also creating tranquility, peace,  and happiness.

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