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Color of growth, initiative and calmness.

Mentally: Green expresses the connection to nature, and represents development, growth, material abundance, and change.

It promotes ambition, initiative, vision, awareness of life, and daring. It also promotes calmness, peace and quiet, creates harmony, calms both physically and mentally. Helps with anxiety, nervousness and depression.

Recommended for use with complementary color, magenta.


Health: Helps with colds, flu, hay fever, weakness, nerve problems, general diuretic for curing edemas.


“Green is the color of balance, harmony, and sympathy.

It has the power to balance positive and negative energies.


The ability to balance the three elements of man – body, mind, and

spirit – creating completeness, growth, calmness, and regeneration.”


“Creativity takes courage”


(Henri Matisse)

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