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Veestars was founded in 2011. The app was born in an enlightened moment of one person experienced, a person who felt the need for a ‘quiet breath’ in hectic everyday life.

As technology evolves, more and more people use computers and cellphones and sometimes communicate with their devices more than they communicate with the people around them.


Without going into the pros and cons, or judging it either way, we decided to simply accept

this situation as it is and try to make the most of it.

Using technological devices is a visual activity, but they have yet to be used for leveraging ourselves.

The idea was to develop an app that works primarily on visual stimulation but also by

stimulating other senses (hearing, touch-V2), and has a beneficial effect on our feelings.


This app can be used in many ways, and everyone can choose what is best for them.


Our vision is to help, support, and benefit people by giving them daily guidance in their

busy lives, without having to take a long break or change their routine.

VeeStars is an innovative and unique app fitted to reinforce or change our emotions with

a combination of tools:

colors, content, feedbacks, and more.


- You can download the app from apple store. 

-  Languages: the app supports English and Hebrew (more languages can be use)

-  Uploading content: personal content, music, or quotes can be added by users through

   VeeStars configuration panel.


We will be glad to receive your feedback on this app, its user friendliness, and any capabilities and features you would like us to add.  >> contact



VeeStars is not an alternative for psychological or psychiatric help.

This app is a personal tool for guidance, support, and goal management.

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