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New breakthrough

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"VEE button" for Parkinson

 "NO MORE DRUGS" / Doctor - A recommendation

As technology evolves, more and more people use computers and cell phones and sometimes communicate with their devices more

than they communicate with the people around them so why don't we use it for healthcare also? Why don't we use it to develop

"tools" to help fight illness? I'm sure that if we invest in studies for this issue or use existing studies we will be able to develop "tools"

or use existing "like" "facebook" in order to use our devices for this purpose.

How can it work,

Let's take for example the case of Parkinson,

Parkinson's disease happens when there is a problem with certain nerve cells (nerve cells break down) in the  brain, nerve cells which

make an important chemical called Dopamine Symptoms are movement-related; these include shakingrigidityslowness of

movement and difficulty with walking and gait. Later, thinking and behavioral problems may arise.

Dopamine function as a neurotransmitter a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to

other nerve cells. (dopamine systems are involved in motor control).

There is considerable evidence that Dopamine participates in both reinforcement and

aversive learning e.g. increase the level of

dopamine in the brain.

Reinforcement: encourages you to continue doing something. Any stimulation or occurrence increasing the frequency of a desired

activity, is a reinforcement. According to the operant conditioning theory, reinforcement is an important factor in learning. Many human

behaviors are learned through this principle: desired activity receiving reinforcement will be repeated in the future, in order to receive

the same reinforcement again.

Positive reinforcement: a pleasant stimulation after executing a desirable action, with the view of increasing it.

Reinforcement should be suited to the learner, and can take various forms: a compliment, encouragement, financial

compensation, or other physical rewards.

Full reinforcement is given every time a desirable action is repeated.

Marking things with a  elevates the mood. Marked things/tasks with a ,it give positive reinforcement.

Now let's join all the above together and create new age of network for the example called:

"CUREBOARD"- based on the above each button we clicked increase the level of the chemical the brain/body need as a cure

for the illness/ Symptom the user has- substitute drug.

500 movement

400 Thinking etc

Parkinson person "CUREBOARD"- user with difficulties in walking post on is board: "This morning I was able to take

my son to school on foot , I need 500 "vee" , all his friend will click on "vee" for him and share it with others and when

the number for "vee" will be 500 it will increase the level of Dopamine in his brain which will improve his movement….

I WONDER, What will be the controlling shareholders of the pharmaceutical industry say about it !

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